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Worlds Best Sex Dolls 2019 – Buyers Guide On Choosing A Love Doll

It shouldn't be hard to find the World's Best Sex Dolls for your needs in 2018. Sifting through the Internet you will find a lot of them, but how do you know which ones are good and which aren't? More importantly, which Love Doll is the best for you? In this Extensive Buyers Guide … [Read more...]

How Much Is A Sex Doll? – Pricing Guide For Love Dolls

There is one major question that everyone who is interested in love dolls will ask themselves at one point or another: How much is a sex doll?More specifically people ask themselves ‘how much should I pay for a sex doll?’ and ‘Is a sex doll worth it?’Unfortunately there is no short answer to … [Read more...]

How To Use A Sex Doll And Maintain It To Make It Last

Guides on how to use a sex doll are rather scarce on the internet and I thought I should change that. After all, sex mannequins are becoming more and more popular and we need a good resource for our community to turn to when one’s new to our beloved playthings.Some readers might be confused now, … [Read more...]