Best Male Masturbators – Sex Doll Torsos & Strokers You’ll Want To Fuck

What the best male masturbators are? You'll learn in this article.The Best Male Masturbators are the ones that can make you orgasm and say WOW afterwards. They are out there just waiting for you to discover them! Since there is little public knowledge on Sex Doll Torsos, Strokers, Fleshlights & Fake Pussies online, I decided to write up a buyers guide. Keep reading to learn more!



Why You Should Get A Male Masturbator Toy

First of, let me list a few qualities to explain why male masturbators are one of the best sex toys for men, both straight and gay.

  • It can feel incredibly realistic 
  • They can look like the real thing
  • They can have two holes for double the fun
  • Adjustability gives you a lot of opportunity to experiment
  • Intense textures, vibrations, suction features can feel amazing
  • You can train to last longer in bed

here you can see the various options for fleshlight openings

Advantages Over Using Your Hand

  • You’ll avoid getting Death Grip 
  • You feel something else than the same old
  • It feels much better

Advantages Over A Sex Doll

  • It’s lighter, handier and more portable
  • There’s less set up
  • It’s much cheaper

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why one might enjoy a male masturbator.

However, you should choose wisely because there are many out there and not all of them will satisfy you.

First, let me explain some stuff to you, on how to choose one of these awesome sex toys. Then I’ll show you some safe, amazingly good feeling and affordable masturbators for men, so you can choose which one is best for you!

What are Strokers and Sex Doll Torsos?

picture of a public fleshlight on the burning man festivalBoth items are masturbation aids that are meant to imitate real sexual intercourse. Thanks to the materials they are realistically imitating body orifices like the mouth, anus and vagina in aspects like humanlike feeling, shape and looks.

Strokers are probably most commonly known as Fleshlights and I personally differentiate between the sex toys that I’m talking about in this article and “Pocket Pussies”. By my definition Pocket Pussies are generally lighter, smaller, more portable, easier to hide or not easily identified. Taking them with you shouldn’t be a problem whereas Strokers & Sex Doll Torsos tend to be bigger.

Strokers & Sex Doll Torsos are usually made from materials like:

  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

which is porous and therefore not sterilizable, heat irresistant, but very lifelike feeling material. It is used a lot throughout the sex toy industry and has basically become the industry standard due to its price being inferior to…

  • Silicone

which is non-porous and therefore sterilizable, heat-resistant, and also a very lifelike feeling material. It’s the superior material for sex toys and comes with all the before mentioned advantages while being slightly more expensive. It can be very worth it though because this material also has a higher overall durability.

They are just a few steps away from the real thing, so if you want, you can check out my article on love dolls here.

What You Should Know Before Buying

here you can see industry silicone that looks nothing like a sex toy, but yet it is possible to create such lifelike sex toys with itThere are a few more factors you should look out for before buying one, such as:

  • Material

Obviously! You can refer to the last section to learn more about this.

TL;DR: Silicone = More Expensive is better than TPE = Cheaper

  • Size

This one is pretty straightforward too. The sex toys that I recommend in this article can range from the size of a bottle of water to the size of a human torso.

You see why this is important right?

Not everyone wants a life-sized sex toy for a number of reasons. For example, you might have a partner who wouldn’t approve, a roommate that would be weirded out or you simply have company at your place very often who you don’t want it to see.

how much is a sex machine? is important to know before buying one

In this case you can opt for a smaller sized, relatively portable masturbator that is also easy to hide. If you don’t care about people knowing of your sex toys, you could just get an amazingly realistic sex doll torso that is very close to the real thing.

  • Price

As always, the price plays quite an important role too. This doesn’t mean there aren’t decent AND cheap male masturbators out there but you definitely get better bang for your buck if you’re willing to pay a little more.

The price easily ranges from $10 – $150 just for strokers. Torsos can cost up to $500 and if you want them to have limbs it can be up to $1.500.

  • Inner Texture of The Orifice

This point is quite interesting especially for people who know nothing about this kind of sex toy. What makes male masturbators even better than they already are is that the inside can be full of strategically placed nubs, bumps, spikes, ridges etc. to increase stimulation immensely.

There are many different variations out there and they come with specific use cases. Some are to get off quickly while others can be used for edging and some can even be used to help train your sexual stamina.

It should be mentioned that the textures can be overwhelmingly intense to barely noticeable, depending on how sensitive you are so you should choose your device wisely, with the inner texture in mind.

The Best Male Masturbators, Strokers & Sex Doll Torsos

Now let’s start with the best male masturbators and sex doll torsos one can possibly find. I personally tried and recommend the following products. If I left any questions unanswered, feel free to comment on the article, I’ll answer ASAP.

This post contains Affiliate Links. If you don’t know what this means, please refer to my Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

10. Pink Lady Fleshlight

the original fleshlight, pink lady, is depicted here with a vaginal opening

here you can see the very basic texture of the original male masturbator. no ribs, no nubs, no nothing!

The classic fleshlight which probably revolutionized the male sex toy market can’t miss on our list of course. It’s still a well crafted toy that feels good. It doesn’t have a fancy texture, it’s just a plain hole that does its job very well. This model is a great starter toy because it won’t be too intense, however, for more experienced users it might actually be boring.

There honestly are some disadvantages, especially now that the market has improved a lot. The weight is one of them, the irony of the striking “discreet” flashlight design, and also the struggle to clean it.


Great suctionSuction can be noisy
AffordableCleaning can be a hassle
Nice textureIronically not very discreet
Easy to holdA little heavy
Tight opening

Bottom Line: Good for beginners. I still think that it’s one of the best toys ever made but times have changed and there are definitely superior products.

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9. TENGA Air Tech Ultra Size Male Masturbator Cup

10th position on my top list because it's well designed and has great feeling!

here you can see the texture of the tenga air tech, where the nubs are and where it's ribbed and its form

TENGA is a Japanese brand that creates various masturbation aids and products related to sex. They have quite a bit of expertise and a good reputation within the industry as being one of the best producers of male sex toys.

I do like this masturbator a lot due to the great sensations. Another advantage is definitely its price since it’s one of the cheapest, good quality masturbators out there which won’t break the bank even when you’re on a budget.

The only two problems I have with this product, are that the suction can get a bit noisy and the cleaning process takes too long for my liking.

Here’s a short informational video on this toy by Lovehoney:


CheapSuction can be noisy
Great SensationCleaning can be a hassle
Soft Texture
Not too intense sensations
Easy to hold
Tight opening

Bottom Line: It’s not AMAZING but it definitely gets the job done.

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8. TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator


The tenga fliphole is discreetly designed and looks like a shampoo bottle. It comes in various colors which differ in inner texture

this picture shows the inner texture of the black tenga flip hole which is quite impressive due to its interesting patterns

The TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator is one of four from the Flip Hole series. The four designs differ in color and their designated inner texture. Theoretically, you could put the whole flip hole series on spot 8, the black version is just my personal favorite.

The sensations you feel are incredible due to the unique texture of the device, it’s discreetly designed and looks nice.

Another great advantage is that it can be pressure controlled with your hand to make it tighter (see the three white spots on the device?)

What I don’t like with this one is again the weight and the hassle to clean it. The texture is very detailed here and to properly clean it you definitely need a moment.

Here’s a video where you can see the inner texture from up close and compare it to the three other Flip Hole versions:


Unique & Intense TextureCleaning can be a hassle
Easy to holdA bit heavy
Tight openingOn the expensive side
Pressure can be adjusted via hand
Discreet & nice design

Bottom Line: A very well designed masturbator that can bring great satisfaction. Not quite perfect yet though.

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7. Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator


the blue blewit! masturbator with its innovative design is depicted here

here's the product package of the blewit! You can see the nicely designed device in its black box with simple instuctions on how to use it

The BLEWIT! is a very special masturbator as it was crowdsourced on Indiegogo originally. The creators thought this product through very well and it became an influential product within the industry. They established this toy as a mean to enjoy yourself AND train to improve your sexual stamina.

I think this toy has some real cool features so let me explain: the cleaning process is really easy, it is very discreet (when I saw it the first time I thought it’s a scent diffuser) and it feels great. In particular the suction part is extremely good, the creators can really be proud of themselves.

And on top of all of this, you can even improve your performance in bed by masturbating with this toy, what’s better than that?

My dislikes with this product are just the fact that it doesn’t dry too well (the inside always seems damp). Also the color definitely needs getting used too.

Check this video out to get a “feel” for the texture:


Amazing texture & feelingColor needs getting used to
CheaperDoesn't dry well
DiscreetNot so easy to hold
Great suction
Good for beginners
Gender-neutral orifice

Bottom Line: Well designed masturbator for a crowdsourced product with minor flaws. I can definitely recommend it though!

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6. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight


here you can see the pink lady stamina training fleshlight with its vaginal opening


here's the texture of the fleshlight stamina trainer

This is basically a different version of the classical Pink Lady Fleshlight from number 10. This one, however, has a different texture which honestly feels incredible and similar to the BLEWIT! it can be used to masturbate AND improve your performance in bed at the same time!

Unfortunately though, someone in fleshlights design department thought that it would be a good idea to make this toy not only bulky, but fucking GOLD. This completely defeats the original idea of fleshlights being a toy that can be used and stored discreetly. There’s no way that somebody DOESN’T notice it when they see it.

However, the vaginal opening, the tightness, the texture… there are so many things that make this fleshlight in particular to one of the best out there. It just feels awesome and I’m not the only one to say this. For me personally, this outweighs the terrible color choice but I’m also not one to be discreet with my sex toys.

Anyway, if you want to see more of this toy, check this video out:


Great suctionSuction can be noisy
AffordableCleaning can be a hassle
Nice & intense textureNot discreet (Gold color)
Easy to holdA little big
Tight opening
Training is possible

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for a handy and nice feeling toy, and you don’t care about being discreet, get this fleshlight!

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5. THRUST Pro Elite Sophia Realistic Vagina and Ass

you can see both openings and the outer texture in this picture. it feels and seems like real human skin

in this picture you can see the textures of both orifices of the THRUST Sophia

This masturbator has one obvious advantage over all the other ones that I have introduced before: It gives a more realistic experience due to its torso design and looks.

But not only that, it comes with TWO orifices you can use instead of just one. Double the fun! And that for the price of a regular masturbator.

The downsides of this model are that due to the realistic design, it’s more susceptible to damage to the outside and it’s a hassle to clean it. Also you need a good hiding spot because this device is a little big and not discreet at all.

Here’s a little intro to learn more about this toy:


Amazing texture & feelingNot discreet
Easy to useCleaning is a hassle
Very realisticCould be bigger
Two orificesOutside is susceptible to damage
Good for beginners

Bottom Line: This is a great, small torso for beginners that definitely has earned it’s place on this list.

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4. Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight

here you can see the ice lady crystal fleshlight with its unique see-through design.

here you can see a zoom on the texture of the ice lady crystal.

This is another great fleshlight with an unique see-through design. That means you can actually see yourself using this masturbation aid which adds to the satisfaction it brings you. The canal is nice and tight with strategically placed nubs and ribs to give it an amazing feeling when used.

Like other fleshlights it comes with a great suction capability that makes the whole experience  even better than it already is, however, it’s still noisy like the other ones.

Personally, I don’t think that the transparent design or the size, do the “discreetness” any favors but I guess the great experience makes up for it.

Check out this video to learn more about it:


Amazing texture & feelingNot discreet (transparency)
Easy to holdCleaning can be a hassle
Transparency adds to experienceA bit big
Great suctionOn the expensive side
Good for beginnersSuction can be noisy

Bottom Line: This toy gives great joy, pleasure and satisfaction, visually and physically. Unfortunately not discreet though.

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3. Fleshlight Flight Male Masturbator


you can see the well designed, black colored fleshlight flight in this picture

here's a zoom on the texture of the fleshlight flight. just seeing it makes you feel the great sensations

The Fleshlight Flight is, finally, a more discreet option for a male masturbator due to its black, nicely shaped design. It feels good thanks to great inner texture and is surprisingly cheaper than other fleshlights! However it’s still the same general design so it will still be noisy and a hassle to thoroughly clean.

The only thing one could argue about is the fact that it doesn’t have a vaginal opening but a relatively neutral one instead. So, it’s not as visually appealing to straight men but it definitely adds to the discreetness of it too.


Amazing texture & feelingSuction can be noisy
Cheaper than other fleshlightsCleaning can be a hassle
Transparency adds to experienceNot so easy to hold
Great suction
Good for beginners
Gender-neutral orifice

Bottom Line: Great Fleshlight that is cheaper and more discreet than the regular versions.


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2. THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass

here the THRUST alana torso is depictured and her lifelike design is showcased. The skin looks and feels realistic and her orifice opening seem human-like too.

the textures on the inside of the orifices is depicted in this picture. One can see the ribbed canals with extra bumps that brings great satisfaction

Now we are really getting to the more realistic sex doll torsos. This one in particular is a feast for the eyes due its human-like design that not only feels but looks incredibly lifelike.

It has two two orifices that can be used with nice inner textures and jiggles realistically which makes it even sexier. It’s definitely worth the money if you ask me.

Now let’s talk about the minor disadvantages. Who would have thought that cleaning this sex torso is a hassle? I guess it’s just an universal problem with masturbators. Other than that I can only say that the weight might be problematic for some and it’s not so easy to hide due to it’s size.

To see this toy in action you should check this intro out:


Amazing texture & feelingNot discreet
Easy to useCleaning is a hassle
Lifelike looks & feeling (+jiggling)Heavy
Two orificesOutside is susceptible to damage
Good for beginners

Bottom Line: If you want something realistic, that isn’t all too big and discreetness isn’t playing a factor for you. Get this one right here!

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1. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits Masturbator

here one can see the pipedream full body torso with both orifices and tits. Very lifelike for sure!

This Pipedream torso is by far my favorite product. Its looks are so realistic because it includes tits as well as two orifices and the feeling is amazing too. It gives one a very lifelike experience during use, the only thing that I miss are the limbs, but it’s seriously close to the real thing.

Any problems with this toy are minor. The weight is one, but honestly, it’s to be expected isn’t it? It’s supposed to be lifelike after all. Other than that the tits are a little firmer than real ones and both orifices share the same canal but that’s totally fine with me as the experience is a good one.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the inner texture but as you learn in this video below, it’s a tight, ribbed canal that brings much pleasure to everyone.


Amazing texture & feelingNot discreet
Easy to useCleaning is a hassle
Lifelike looks & feeling (+jiggling)Outside is susceptible to damage
Great experience overallTits are a little firm
Very close to the real thingHeavy
It has tits

Bottom Line: Most lifelike torso masturbator that brings the most pleasureful and realistic experiences. Very much worth its price.

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BONUS 1: The Best Male Masturbators for Gay and Curious Men

I thought it would be a good idea to just add some extra masturbators for different audiences. Here you can find a few good masturbators for gay men or for anyone else who’s curious about them.

2. Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan’s Squeeze Butt

here you can see brent corrigans anus opnening flashjack which is a fleshlight for gay men

This is just a picture of brent corrigan holding his fleshjackWell, any gay man probably knows Brent Corrigan since he became a porn legend over the last two decades. This product has been designed to realistically mimic his anus and give its user an amazingly feeling experience.. The inner texture is simple and yet great because it brings a lot of pleasure to its user.

Downsides are again, as with the regular fleshlights, the ironic indiscreetness (honestly, how is this blue not standing out?) and the suction noise. But other than that a pretty good toy for gay men.


Great suctionSuction can be noisy
Nice textureCleaning can be a hassle
Easy to holdIronically not very discreet
Tight openingA little heavy
Good for Brent Corrigan lovers

Bottom Line: Great toy for gay men and Brent Corrigan lovers in particular.

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1. Fleshjack Go Surge Realistic Male Butt Masturbator

here you can see the fleshjack go's interesting texture design The fleshjack go surge is depicted here with its nice anus orifice that can seduce many gay men


The Fleshjack Go Surge has one great advantage over the many others out there. I mean that the Fleshjack Go Surge is smaller than a regular one and at the same time makes more space for its user to thrust in it.

There is very little unused space in this model and it doesn’t have a striking color which makes it this much more discreet. With all that in mind it’s also easier to travel with it. However, it has the usual other flaws like loud suction noises etc.

It is also rather intense due to the texture inside, so it might not be the best option for a beginner.

To learn more you can check out this video below:


Great suctionSuction can be noisy
Intense textureCleaning can be a hassle
Easy to holdA little heavy
Tight opening
Smalller and more portable
More room to thrust

Bottom Line: If you want a smaller, more portable fleshjack with a nice intense texture, this one is for you!

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You want more?

I don’t have more gay male masturbators to recommend at this time but you should check out the gender-neutral ones from the straight men recommendations above. The TENGA Fliphole, BLEWIT! or the Fleshlight Flight are perfectly good for gay guys too!

However, if you’re searching for something more realistic, like torsos or even sex dolls, I’ve already written articles about these before. Check them out if you’re interested:

Top 5 Torsos With Dildos – Best Orgasm-Inducing Male Torso Sex Toys

Best Male Sex Dolls for Women & Gay Men – Top 10 Shockingly Real Dolls

BONUS 2: The Best Male Fetish Masturbators

There probably are some of you out there who have very specific fetishes and fantasies that you can’t always experience in real life. Maybe these fetish masturbator toys can help though?

3. Alien Blue Ice Fleshlight

here the alien blue ice fleshlight is depicted with its inner texture

As you can see this Fleshlight is a unique model. It has blue color and two clitorises and was designed to be used by people who are into e.g. aliens or more specifically Avatar.

The inner texture is quite bumpy but feels great and the sensations help the fantasy of having sex with an alien as it doesn’t feel quite normal. Still it is noisy, hard to wash etc. as usual with Fleshlights.


Great suctionSuction can be noisy
Nice textureCleaning can be a hassle
Easy to holdA little heavy
Design can fulfill fantasy

Bottom Line: If the fantasy does it for you, definitely go for it! If not, just go with one from my Top 10.

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2. Silicone Half Sex Doll with Legs, Ass and Feet

here you can see a fetish sex doll torso masturbator with nice legs and feet and two orifices

here you can see more of the leg fetish torsoSome of you may wonder now why I didn’t include this beauty in the main list. Well, I personally didn’t feel like it is a regular masturbator. I think it goes into sex doll territory and definitely has a fetish aspect to it.

This one right here is obviously much bigger and weighs more than all the other products that I’ve listed prior in this article. It therefore is also harder to hide but it has its perks too.

Your fantasies can be played out much better with a life-sized half sex doll torso. In particular, it’s great for legs and foot lovers.  It’s made from medial grade silicone material so that your toy won’t break on you after a few uses.

Humanlike torsoHeavier and bigger than other options
Design can fulfill fantasiesCleaning can be a hassle
More realistic experience
High quality silicone material

Bottom Line: Human-like leg and foot fetish torso that will satisfy anybody. However, it’s not easy to hide and more expensive.

Click To Buy (SiliconWives)

1. Realistic Silicone Feet with Vaginas

here you can see the orifice of the foot fetish male masturbator

This is also a very uniquely designed male masturbator. This fetish toy is obviously made for people who are really into feet. Not everybody gets to play out their foot fetish in real life because e.g. their partners dislike it. This is why these were made.

You get to fulfill your foot fetish as well as use a masturbation aid as it has a vagina orifice in each foot (or you can use them for a footjob). Furthermore they’re made from medical grade silicone which is top notch quality, so they look and feel very humanlike as well as being durable.

Humanlike feetNot discreet
Design can fulfill fantasiesCleaning can be a hassle
More realistic experienceMight weird out other people
High quality silicone material

Bottom Line: Great for foot fetishists because it lets them live out their fantasies perfectly. Probably rather weird for others.

Click To Buy (SiliconWives)

How To Use Male Masturbators & Sex Doll Torsos

Anyone who might be using these masturbation aids for the first time probably has some questions about them. In this section I want to explain to you, how to use a masturbator. It’s really not hard, you just have to get a few things right, to make your tool of choice last a long time and to make sure that you’ll have a nice experience each time you use it.

Can I Heat My Masturbator Or Sex Doll Torso?

Unfortunately many masturbators are made from TPE which isn’t heat resistant. This means putting your toy on a radiator or putting it into reach of a similarly hot object can damage your toy. However, many manufacturers advertise that their product can be warmed up before use for a better and more realistic experience.

One way to do this is putting your toy/the sleeve/the inside of your toy into a ziplock bag, close it and submerge it in warm (NOT HOT) water. Then wait a while to let it warm up and you’re good to go.

I do advise you to be careful with the water temperature if you’re trying out this method. You don’t want your toy to melt, right?

If your toy is made from silicone, you don’t have to worry about this. They can easily be warmed up with water or other heat sources.

Should I Use Lube?

A clear YES, you should definitely use personal lubricant with your sex toy.


Let me explain:

The materials the “skin” of the toy is made from, can be quite sticky. This is nothing bad, it’s just how it is.

And I don’t mean the slick and nice kind of sticky but the shitty rough kind of sticky. You’ll have trouble penetrating without lube and getting in and out is neither easy nor comfortable.

Another thing that adds to this is that most masturbators have been designed to be used with lube, so some texture elements won’t feel nice without it at water-based lubricant

If you like it rough or raw, you’ll still have to use at least a little bit of lube. Trust me, else it just won’t work very well.

So now that we answered this question another thing that you need to know:

If your toy is made from TPE or silicone (which it is 99% of the cases), you NEED to use water-based lubricants. 

Silicone toys break down when used with silicone-based lubricants and so do TPE toys when used with oil-based lubes. To be safe, it’s best to just get some water-based lubricant.

These are generally better for all kinds of sex toys and carry less risk for allergies than other lubricants anyway.

Here is some water-based lube that I personally use and highly recommend.

Should I Use A Condom?

That really depends on a few factors.

First of all, if you share your toy with someone else, using condoms can reduce the risk of getting an STD.

Other than that, you could use a condom to make the cleaning process much easier.

If you’re concerned about the material touching your skin, you really shouldn’t worry. As long as the toys are phthalate-free, which all the ones I have listed are, they won’t harm your body.

Both TPE and silicone are hypoallergenic materials, so allergic reactions are out of the questions. However, they aren’t safe from bacteria, fungus etc. so it’s important to clean them well after using when you’re not using a condom.

Cleaning & Maintenance

This is my favorite renewal powder to use on my toys after cleaning itCaring for your sex torso or stroker is really easy. All you have to do is clean it after every single use and add renewal powder (corn starch) to it if the manufacturer or vendor recommends it.

Here are the steps you need to take to make sure your masturbator is ready before its next use:

  1. Take your masturbator apart
  2. Rinse the parts that need to be cleaned with soapy lukewarm water
  3. Rinse a last time, just with water
  4. Let it dry
  5. (Add a thin layer of renewal powder to it)

Some more tips:

  • To make the cleaning process easier some toys can be fully submerged under water, while others shouldn’t be.
  • Don’t forget that TPE isn’t heat resistant. Please don’t use hot water when cleaning if your toy is made from TPE.
  • If you don’t know which renewal powder to buy, I recommend this one a lot.
  • If you don’t have any renewal powder left, you can safely use corn starch instead.
  • If you have trouble getting into the orifice of your toy try using an enema bulb.

Alternative Products

Alternatives, other than fetish products or masturbators and sex doll torsos specifically for gay men (or women), do exist.

For example if you want something even more realistic and lifelike, you should check out sex dolls. I wrote a few articles about them that you can check out:

How Much Is A Sex Doll? – Pricing Guide For Love Dolls

Worlds Best Sex Dolls 2018 – Buyers Guide On Choosing A Love Doll

Best Silicone Sex Dolls – Top 10 Love Dolls That Will Amaze You

Best Male Sex Dolls for Women & Gay Men – Top 10 Shockingly Real Dolls


This was a rather long article so let’s sum up what we’ve learnt real quick.

Male masturbators can greatly improve our sexual satisfaction for various reasons. Choosing them over your hand is definitely smart but choosing them over a sex doll is legitimate too. Also, when buying a male masturbator you should pay attention to factors like price, size, material and inner texture, as these can influence your experience greatly.

Then you learnt about several male masturbators that are recommended for different reasons. You can choose from them depending on what factors are most important to you, or simply which design you like best. Of course there are more options that didn’t fit in my Top 10. However, I listed some extra products for both gay or curious men as well as fetishists who are searching for a masturbator.

At the end of the article you learnt how to use your sex doll torso or stroker. Warming the tool of your choice is possible but I recommend to do it carefully if it’s made from TPE.

Using lube and condoms is also recommended but ultimately up to you. Lastly, if you decided to buy a masturbation aid, remember to clean it after every use and add renewal powder if the vendor or manufacturer recommends to do so. This will make sure your toy lasts you a long time.

That’s it, we’re done here!

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below or send me an email here.


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