Best Sex Machines – Fucking Machines That Fulfill Your Kinky Fantasies

what's the best sex machine? this article is going to show you.You wanna know what the Best Sex Machines are?
Are they a fantasy of yours?

Nowadays it’s actually really easy to fulfill these fantasies since there are fucking machines all over the internet. However, since there is so little information on it I decided to write an extensive buyers guide for anyone who’s interested.

What Are Sex Machines?

A sex machine is a masturbation aid that imitates sexual acts, usually by a thrusting motor with dildo or fleshlight attachments. It can be used by both men and women for anal, vaginal or oral sex.

The machine can often be customized by adjusting angles, stroke length, stroke speed and changing the attachments to your liking. Sometimes they also feature rotating and vibrating options to increase stimulation.

Why You Should Get A Sex Machine

Some people might wonder why they should buy a love-making device or maybe you’re already considering buying one.

Everybody has different personal reasons but I wanted to compile some of the most common ones to help my readers. Some of you might be on the fence or simply don’t have enough information yet to make an informed decision.

good reasons to get a sex machine!

Let’s start with some general reasons to buy a love-making machine:

  • Suitable for every gender and preference thanks to interchangeable attachments
  • Highly adjustable to make sexual satisfaction a given
  • Lovemaking can be practiced (e.g. anal training)
  • Imitation of the sexual act is realistic
  • Fulfillment of special fantasies
  • Always ready

Advantages Over Using A Dildo Specifically

  • Much more variety due to different attachments
  • Speed and Stroke Length can be adjusted
  • No own body movement needed to get off
  • Hands-free usage possible

You can see that there are a variety of reasons and advantages to explain why people choose to buy a love-making tool. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it’s just to give people more knowledge about what a fucking machine can do for them.

If you have different reasons they are of course valid and I would love it if you could share them in the comments so other people can read your personal insight!

What You Should Know Before Buying

You’ve already seen a machine you like?

Read this real quick and make sure not to buy one that doesn’t do it for you.

There are a couple factors you should know about, especially if this is your first one.

Look out for:


How big is your budget? Can you afford a luxury sex machine or is your budget smaller, and mid-range devices will do just fine?

The price of your machine correlates closely with the quality of the item. Definitely make sure to avoid too-good-to-be-true kinds of offers. Particularly cheaper Chinese made products sold on e.g. Aliexpress are not worth it due to safety hazards, low durability, too little strength, non-adjustability etc.


generic saddle sex machine is depicted here

There are many different types of sex machines but the most common ones are

  • Fucking machines
  • Saddles
  • Power Tool Imitations
  • Homemade Sex Machines


They all have different advantages and disadvantages and each type has its niche, so you can choose which one is best for you.


This is not thought of by a lot of people who get a device like this for the first time. They are rarely quiet so you need to take this factor seriously if you have roommates, thin walls or nosy loud your machine gets is an important factor too

Some machines can be very loud while others are acceptably noisy. It’s unlikely that you’ll find something that doesn’t produce any sound at all though.

If you happen to buy a noisy machine and are concerned about other people complaining about the sounds, there are several ways of dealing with it.

Here you can learn how to soundproof your room

I just want to highlight the third point from this article real quick because this alone does wonders:

  • Mount shaky devices on an elevated and thick material.

Stroke Length

Stroke length measures how far fucking machine attachments can move back and forth. This is important because even though we are all humans, our anatomy can differ slightly from person to person. Not everyone feels comfortable or gets to orgasm with the same stroke length which is why a machine with adjustable stroke length is superior to one with a fixed stroke length.

Unfortunately many devices’ stroke length can’t be adjusted during use, just so you know.


attachments are essential for a sex machineChangeability and availability of attachments is an important factor unless you want to get bored of your machine. At some point you might want to use a dildo that is bigger, smaller or a completely different type. Or if you’re a guy you could attach a fleshlight.

Furthermore, your setup might need to be perfected which can be done with extension rods. For example, these attachments can help to keep the machine on suitable grounds while you’re laying in bed.

There are a lot of options but not every type of machine, especially the cheaper ones, can make use of this. If you have a budget machine you might have to resort to using duct tape or other creative ways of mounting your attachment.

Some better sex machines have a wide range of different attachments or universal adapters you can choose from so you can continue to fulfill all your fantasies.

Stroke Speed & Strength

Both strength and stroke speed are dependent on the power of the motor of a sex machine. Stroke speed means how fast the motor can move the attachment of your choosing while strength means how powerful the strokes are.

For example for anal you’d need more stroke strength because it is harder to penetrate the anus than the vagina especially if you have very little experience with anal.

Speed, however, is mostly personal preference but it pays off to get a sex machine with many different speeds just for the flexibility. It gives you more room to experiment and guarantees that you can find a pace that does it for you.

How Much Is A Sex Machine?

how much is a sex machine? is important to know before buying one

The cost of a lovemaking apparatus can vary widely. It really depends on how much you’re willing to spend because there are cheaper ones as well as quite expensive versions.

The cost will correlate with the quality of the tool quite a bit, so you can expect a cheap one to break more quickly and be not as flexible. A more expensive unit will definitely bring you more joy, flexibility, fulfillment, orgasms etc.

Generally, the price of these devices will be between $100 and $2,000 but I’m sure that there are even more expensive ones out there that I just haven’t found yet.

Where To Buy A Sex Machine

This is of course one of the most important questions when talking about lovemaking devices like these and it’s actually quite easily answered.

You have several options:

  • Website of the manufacturer
  • Online resellers like Lovehoney and Amazon
  • Local sex shop
  • Second-hand via Craigslist, Ebay etc.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to do your research before buying. This could include going to your local sex shop to get some advice from the employees there and look at the real thing instead of pictures.

They might even have machines for sale and can tell you more about them than internet searches can. In addition, some sex shops have the option for you to rent the sex machine to try it out. Just ask them!

Don’t worry, in that case you’d not be using the attachment everybody has been using, instead you might have to pay for your own attachments and a rental fee for the rest of the machine. No reason to worry about hygiene or how to find the best machine for you.

Discreet Shipping

If you’re concerned about the packaging of the sex machine, don’t worry too much.  The sellers know all too well that a buyer doesn’t want everyone to know what they’re getting.

The listing of the product generally advertises discreet shipping and from personal experience I can say that that’s true. Manufacturers, Amazon as well as Sex Toy E-Shops like Lovehoney, will package plainly.

The 5 Best Sex Machines

This post contains Affiliate Links. If you don’t know what this means please refer to my Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

5. The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex MachineThe perfect saddle sex machine with amazing vibrations is depicted here. Very versatile and quite different from the generic fucking machine.

Variable vibration patterns and speedsCan get loud on the higher settings
Strong VibrationsTakes a lot of space
Comes with two attachmentsHard to hide and move
Wire & App controls are possibleLack of attachments

Look at this video for a quick presentation of the product:

Click To Buy (Lovehoney)

4. Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine

Pipdreams answer to a portable sex machine is depicted here. It's pretty small compared to the other ones can be carried one-handed.

LightweightLacks attachment options
Quite powerful for the sizeFleshlight can't be attached
Includes two attachmentsCables sit loose and can remove themselves during use
Includes some extra gearAngles and height can't be adjusted
Easy to set up and handle

Here is a product video by Lovehoney so you can see the product in action:

Click To Buy (Lovehoney)

3. Motorbunny Starter Kit


This Motorbunny sex machine is a really good saddle with an amazing vibrations it will give you the most incredible orgasms.

Perfectly adjustable to your comfortCan get loud on the higher settings
Cheaper than a SybianTakes a lot of space
Strong & fast vibrationsHard to hide and move
Comes with four attachmentsOnline or app controls have to be bought seperately
Many extra attachments available

Here is also a video of it in action, in case you want to see more of it:


Click To Buy (Amazon)

2. Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine

This is an adjustable Lovemaking machine sold by Lovehoney. It has a few attachments pictured with it on this photo

Rather QuietOther attachments have to be Vac-U-Lock compatible and you need to buy an adapter
Angle & height is adjustableCables can come loose
Includes dildo & fleshlight attachment
Thrust speed & length is adjustable
Easy to set up and handle

Here’s a product video if you’re interested:

Click To Buy (Lovehoney)

Since the Robo Fuk is a LoveBotz device it’s compatible with the following attachment:

Robo Fuk Vac-U-Lock Attachment Adapter

depicted is the vac u lock attachment for the robo fuk sex machine by lovebotz

Click To Buy (Lovehoney)

1. Hismith Premium Sex Machine

This Hismith Sex machine is an amazing device with a great price as well as being multifunctional

Since the listing of this product has multiple versions, my opinion is unique to the “Updated Version”.

QuietAttachment adapters have to be bought extra
Highly adjustableNeeds to be oiled every now and then
Includes dildo attachment and other goodies
Variable thrust length and speed
Easy to set up and handle
Includes remote control (up to 20 metres) & bag for transport
Various attachments exist

Click To Buy (Amazon)

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is compatible with lots of different attachments in case you have your own dildos you want to use or when you need something more specific.

Here they are:

Hismith Suction Cup Adapter with Quick Connector

this depicts a suction cup attachment for the hismith. clear color

Click To Buy (Amazon)

Hismith Sex Machine Spring Attachment

picture depicts sex spring attachment for the hismith sex machine

Click To Buy (Amazon)

Hismith Adapter For Vac-U-Lock Dildos

depicted is the vac-u-lock attachment for the hismith sex machine

Click To Buy (Amazon)

How To Use A Dildo Machine – Tips & Tricks

Should I Use Lube?

Unless you like it painfully rough, you should most definitely use a lubricant. Sex machines, especially with high stroke strength can be very unyielding and will hurt you.

In addition, if your sex machine doesn’t have enough stroke strength, not using lubricants might prevent it from penetrating in the first place which is another case in point for getting a machine with high stroke strength as well as using lube.

Another point to be made is that a stroke speed of 200 strokes per minute will dry your holes out really quickly which results in a lot of ID Glide water-based lubricant, best for use with sex machine attachmentsfriction and can get very uncomfortable, very quickly.

Of course this doesn’t hold true for everybody. If you have a lot of experience going dry or if your body produces unholy amounts of body liquids, go for it.

But for anyone else reading this: Use Lube.

Also, since the attachments are usually made from TPE and silicone you should avoid oil, petroleum and silicone-based lubricants. These will damage and over time break down the material which makes them unusable.

Instead you should use water-based lube which is the best choice for those toys.

Here is some water-based lube that I highly recommend.

Cleaning the machine

First of all, it’s essential to clean your lovemaking device if you want it to last a long time.

The best way to do that is wiping down the apparatus after every use. A wet wipe is usually enough for that.


Cleaning the attachments

As for the attachments, generally, washing them with soap and water does the job well enough.

cleaning your sex machine is very important so do it regurarilyIf you want to be more thorough, you have to find out what material your attachments are made of. You can find that out by checking the listing of the product. If it doesn’t, try the manuals that came with your machine or even try calling up the company and ask them.

Usually it will be either TPE or silicone. The difference is that TPE is slightly porous, can’t be sanitized 100% and cannot resist heat which means putting them in the dishwasher or boiling them is out of the question. They also aren’t as durable and may start breaking down after some time.

Silicone on the other hand is nonporous, can be fully sanitized and is heat resistant which means dishwashers or boiling are fine. It is very popular in the sex toy industry and while it is usually a bit more expensive, it is definitely one of the materials that you can’t really go wrong with.

Also, try to avoid harsh chemical cleaners. They are not necessary here and won’t do your body any good either.

How To Store A Sex Machine

Depending on your living situation you may have to store your sex machine in a different place than where you use it. Here are some simple tips on how to store your lovemaking device the best way:

  • Keep it dark
  • Keep it dry

This means a closet is probably alright, but make sure that you’re not piling things on top of it because it may damage the apparatus.

Also, wrapping something around the device is perfectly fine in case you need to hide it. However it would be best not to wrap it during or immediately after use. This will prevent it from overheating.


Let’s sum up real quick what we’ve learned in this article.

Sex machines are an awesome masturbation aid that can help with all kinds of fantasies, and have more uses than one can count, and of course come in different sizes, forms and types.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to factors like price, type, noise, stroke length, attachments, stroke speed & strength and where to buy one. You wouldn’t want to end up with a machine that won’t make you orgasm (or your partner), right?

When you know the type of fucking machine that you want you can either check out my top 5 here in this article or search through the internet on your own.

Depending on the machine you choose you might also want to get yourself some adapters so that attachments can be changed to your liking.

After using it, don’t forget to clean it up and store it correctly so that your machine will last you a long time.

That’s it!


I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below or send me an email here.

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