How To Use A Sex Doll And Maintain It To Make It Last

A sex doll laying in bed is depicted. She is well maintained and shows that learning how to use a sex doll is important if you want it to last.Guides on how to use a sex doll are rather scarce on the internet and I thought I should change that. After all, sex mannequins are becoming more and more popular and we need a good resource for our community to turn to when one’s new to our beloved playthings.

Some readers might be confused now, asking what the hell they need a guide on how to use a sex doll for.

It’s super straightforward isn’t it?

Not really.

Some questions are often left unanswered when first purchasing a sex puppet. This is why I will teach you in this guide, how to use a sex doll by explaining some dos and don’ts. This will include which products you should utilize when dealing with a love puppet, how to clean it and generally how to maintain and store your honey in order for it to last you for years.

Before we start you should know which material your fuck puppet is made of. While my advice for TPE and silicone dolls is mostly the same, there are some things that might be different when finding out how to use a sex doll.

How To Use A Sex Doll

Take Care Of Your Sex Puppet

It’s very important that you understand that Love puppets, while an object, should be treated like a real person in some aspects.

Wondering why?

Your love puppet probably cost you a lot of money and unless you don’t mind breaking your puppet after a few weeks, treating your honey carelessly will damage, and finally destroy it.

Treat it like a human who can experience pain because its ‘wounds’ can’t heal. Better to avoid some common bad behaviors.


  • Throw it around, this might break its skeleton.
  • Let its limbs hit the wall when carrying it, it will result in tears and dents in the material
  • Overstretch its limbs, it will break the limbs and skin
  • Use sharp objects or excessive force, it will break the skins as well as its limbs
  • Leave dark colored fabrics on your puppet, it will leave stains

Get the idea?

Should You Use Lube With A Sex Doll?

The answer is yes.

Without using lube you risk tearing your and your doll’s skin due to too much friction. It’s just like having real sex. Lube is important, especially if your partner doesn’t have any body fluids helping out.

Be careful though!

What are the best lubes again? Here are several lubricants depicted one could choose from. Remember that water based lube is the best when using with sex dolls!

Choosing the right lube is important!


  • use oil, silicone or petroleum lubricants

Oil, silicone and petroleum lubricants will damage your dolls skin and you should avoid that.


  • use water based personal lubricants

Advantages of water based lube are that clean up is much easier because it washes off really quickly and it will not damage your love doll.

Should You Use Condoms With A Sex Doll?

The answer is: depends. Here are some points to consider:

  • Condoms should be used if you are sharing your fuck puppet with someone else to avoid contracting diseases
  • They can also make clean up easier since you don’t have to get rid of sticky body liquids like cum
  • TPE dolls are porous and thus promote bacterial growth which makes using condoms safer

Condoms are not necessary if you’re just worried about the dolls material being a safety hazard. TPE and silicone sex dolls are both hypoallergenic and the materials itself won’t have affect your health.

Can You Take A Bath With Your Sex Doll?

The answer is again: depends.

Unfortunately, not all fuck puppets are the same. The difference that matters here lays between TPE and silicone love dolls.

You don’t have to worry about taking a bath with a silicone doll. They are water resistant and can endure some higher temperatures.

TPE mannequins on the other hand have two problems.

Some models are not very water resistant, so if you aren’t sure if yours is, you should ask the vendor you bought it from.

The other problem is that TPE dolls cannot resist heat. They will deform and possibly even melt which will completely break your fuck mannequin because they are made from thermoplastics.

You understand now, that if you own a TPE doll that you should avoid taking a bath with your doll but it’s fine if it’s made from silicone.

Another tip that’s relevant when talking about bathing with your doll: Never, submerge the head of your doll underwater.

Can You Warm Up Your Sex Doll Before Use?

You can apply what we learnt in the last section here: it depends.

Again, if you have a TPE fuck puppet, heating her up is really not recommended. If you really want to do it, go ahead but be warned. It is likely that it will damage your doll.

For silicone dolls it’s perfectly fine to be heated, some even come with an internal heating system that will make them feel more lifelike. Just make sure not to heat them too much or for too long.

Expert advice: Let me tell you about the best methods of warming up your fuck puppet. You can choose between

A moving picture of a TPE doll melting to its skeleton. It shows the danger of heat for TPE dolls and how important it is to know how to use a sex doll.

We don’t want our love to melt, right? Credit:

  • Heating blankets
  • Heating pads
  • Heating rods


  • Utilize blow dryers or electric heaters
  • Use a fire

Keep Your Sex Doll Clean After Every Use

Your sex doll is not alive.

She can’t clean herself, you have to do that for her (or him).

After. Every. Single. Use.

TPE love dolls are porous which means they can be quite absorbent. Letting it absorb body liquids damages the material, so you should avoid that.

Most silicone dolls are platinum cured these days. This avoids leaking and to some extent also liquid from being absorbed. This is not a free pass for not cleaning your doll though!

Not cleaning your sex doll is not only bad for the doll it’s also bad for you.

Bacteria can grow inside of your doll or on its surfaces and will give you a nasty infection if you don’t clean it.

We don’t want that, right?

Store Your Sex Doll Correctly

This is quite important because storing your love doll incorrectly can damage it permanently.

Our beloved dolls are usually manufactured in an upright position, so it’s best to keep them that way.

Heat and the sun are enemies of our lovely dolls. TPE especially will deform and break if it gets hot and the sun can damage the materials too.


  • Bend your fuck puppet for too long
  • Leave it standing for too long
  • Put it in positions where objects put pressure on the surface area
  • Expose your doll to the sun for too long
  • Store your doll in a warm place
  • Leave dark colored fabrics on your doll (again, this is important)
  • Store with tight clothing on, it can leave marks or dents
A closet bar suspension kit is the perfect way of storing our honeys. It's part of the 'how to use a sex doll'-101.

This is how a Closet Bar Suspension Kit looks like.


  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place
  • Use a Closet Bar Suspension (CBS) Storage kit to avoid damage from storing
  • Store it with loose or no clothing at all
  • Store it with white colored fabrics


Wrapping It Up

Now you understand why you shouldn’t treat your puppet carelessly.

It is very important that you make sure not to damage it when handling it because you’ll have a bad time with a broken, scratched or stained doll.

Always apply water based lube and at least consider using condoms if you have a TPE doll.

When dealing with a silicone doll you don’t have to worry much about water or heat but take care with a TPE doll as it’s not as resistant.

Furthermore, always store your doll correctly because if you don’t, your mannequin will show rather quickly and won’t last as long as you’d like it to.

That’s pretty much all the information you need on how to use a sex doll.


I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below or send me an email here.

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