KY Liquibeads – An Honest Review That Answers All Your Questions

If you’re reading this article, you may have heard about KY Liquibeads and are wondering if they are any good. If you’re a women you may have even tried a lot of different kinds of personal lubricants for sex or especially against medication induced vaginal dryness. Though, if you’re a man you may just be interested in this special lube suppository for anal sex (or anything else really). Here I want to give you an honest review and answer all your questions about this extraordinary product – the KY Liquibeads.

Here you can see everything that is included in the KY Liquibeads. Applicators, beads, tutorial.

Do KY Liquibeads Work?

Short Answer: YES, they work perfectly. Let me explain.

Someone at KY got creative and thought about how they could change the industry. Instead of producing the same old personal lubricants, they chose a fresh approach.

Small pearl-like suppositories that contain lube and dissolve after a short duration. When the body breaks down the gelatin layer of the pill, it slowly releases the silicone oils that are within.

A smart way of going at it by KY, just getting inspired by what medicine has done with traditional suppositories for a long time. My experience is too, that they work exceptionally well.

How To Use KY Liquibeads

The applicator that one can use to insert the ovule is a pen-sized white stick with a grip on one end and a push-to-release button on the other end.

Using the ovule inserts is a fairly easy and quick process. However, before I explain, I wanna give you two quick warnings.

First, don’t use sex toys made from silicone when using this product. It will cause the toy to break down and you don’t want that.

Second, when inserting the capsule with the applicator that comes with the beads, make sure you can pull it out at all times. This is no sex toy. Since it is near bottomless it can be very easy to loose it in yourself, especially if you’re using it on your anal area.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Now let’s start:

  1. Cleaning time

    Clean yourself up or shower. Do whatever is necessary to get yourself ready.

  2. Further Preparation

    Put one of the lube capsules onto the grippy part of the applicator.

  3. Insertion

    Gently insert the applicator in your vagina or anal area. Pro tip: If you’re feeling some pain or you’re just to dry at the moment, use some old fashioned lube to help in this step.

  4. Don’t lose it!

    Move the applicator inside as far as you can without loosing it in yourself (if you wanna be safe, go about half way in).

  5. Release

    Use the push-to-release button on the other end of the stick as you would when pushing a liquid out of a syringe.

  6. Removal

    Gently remove the applicator.

  7. Anticipate

    Get yourself in the mood while the pill dissolves. It should take about 10-30 minutes until you can feel the lubricant.

  8. Enjoy

    Have fun!


My KY Liquibeads Review

Now that you have read a bit about these special little gel pearls, you may wonder what my verdict is. I personally tried them out and I’m very eager to share with you what I found out.

When I first bought them I was a little suspicious. Could these small capsules really help me lube up without the hassle of constant reapplying during sex?

Of course they couldn’t. Or so I thought. When I came home I went to the bathroom, got myself cleaned up and inserted one liquid bead via the applicator. I was done within a few minutes, it was very easy and not uncomfortable at all. And so I was ready to attack my partner.

I knew it would take a moment before the capsule would dissolve so we kept the foreplay going until I felt it getting wet down there. I’m sure you could do something productive in that time too, since the capsule doesn’t just come out. It really stays in there and you quickly know when it starts dissolving because you’ll feel the lubricant moving inside. If you’re not careful it might actually leak out thanks to gravity.

I was surprised to say that our sex session went fairly well. I didn’t have to reapply any lube, even though it got rough at times. This has also been my experience the other many times I’ve used the gel capsules made by KY.

Some other benefits and the few disadvantages that I found I compiled for you in this table:

Quick ApplicationMore expensive than traditional lubes
DiscreetCan be a little messy
Travel friendly
Lubricants works well
Lube doesn’t have to be reapplied in a regular session

My final verdict is that this is definitely a product worth using or at least one that should be tried out. Especially if you’ve been experiencing (menopausal) vaginal dryness or if you’re simply searching for a new lubricant that works well, which you don’t have to reapply all the time. What’s also great is is that you can use KY Liquid beads for both vaginal and anal sex which makes them very flexible. Overall, it’s simply an effective alternative lubricant.


Are KY Liquibeads Safe?

I can assure you that this product is very safe to use. The reason why, lies in the list of ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Gelatin, Glycerin.
These words may seem scary but the ingredients really aren’t. Gelatin is nothing but a thin outer layer that keeps it all in shape. It’s often used in products such as dietary supplements, actual medications, sometimes even foods like pudding.

Dimethicone, Dimethiconol as well as Glycerin are basically the lube in these little pills. Despite their fancy names, you can find them in many everyday life products, such as: cosmetics, soaps and shampoos, other personal lubricants for vaginal and anal sex etc. There is absolutely no need to worry about them.

Do KY Ovule Inserts Have Side Effects?

There are no known negative side effects to this product. The only thing I can tell you is that the effects of this lubricant are not to be underestimated. The duration of effect of KY Liquid beads can be a little longer than necessary, which is why I recommend that you use them when you haven’t planned anything else for the day.

Do KY Liquibeads Expire?

The KY Liquid beads come in blister packs like pills and are individually labeled with expiration dates. If you want to be safe, you shouldn’t use them after the expiration date is over. However, if you store them in a dark, dry and cool place, my personal experience is that you can use them after just fine.

Why Were KY Liquid Beads Discontinued?

A closer up picture of the liquid lube capsules. Still in their blisters.

If you’ve researched this product, you may have found out that KY pearls were temporarily discontinued. The reason for that is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined that they need to be cleared under a separate medical device application. Before, they were sold as part of another KY product. Eventually the company cleared the product successfully with the FDA and now continues to sell it.

What Do KY Liquid Beads Taste Like?

For everybody who is concerned about the taste of whatever is inside of the lube capsules, I can assure you that you don’t have to worry. I have tasted it myself and many other reviews agree that this product is virtually tasteless (odorless too by the way).

Furthermore, ingesting some of it through oral sex is not a big deal, just in case you’re worried about it. You shouldn’t go around swallowing whole capsules though.

Can You Use KY Liquibeads For Anal Sex?

Asking yourself if KY gel beads can be used for anal is a common question I read. Fortunately, they are perfectly fine to use for women as well as men, when it comes to anal sex. They are advertised as such and my experience is that they actually work very well. In my humble opinion I’d say that they work better than many personal lubricants that have to be applied traditionally (and it lasts much longer than other lubricants because plenty of it goes to places you usually can’t reach).

KY Liquibeads applicator and its packaging can be seen here.

Where To Buy KY Liquibeads

After reading this article, you may wonder where one can buy this personal lubricant suppository. One of the easiest places to buy it is of course here at Amazon:


If this is not an option, you can of course check out your local drug store. In the U.S. you can also find this product at Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below or send me an email here.

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