Where To Buy Your Sex Doll – Reputable Love Doll Vendors

Not sure where to buy your Sex Doll? On this picture a good looking doll is depicted but being sold by dhgate which is not a recommended website to buy from.

Doesn’t she look great? Careful though, DH Gate is not the best place to buy a Sex Doll.

Searching for reputable sex doll sellers can be tough, especially if you’re new to the genre or just haven’t bought one yet. If you don’t know where to buy your sex doll or if you’re wondering if a vendor is worthy of your money, check out the table below.

Many of my readers have asked me where I buy my Love Dolls.

Or where I recommend to buy them.

Or if their dream doll’s vendor is reputable.

Since there was so much demand, I decided to write this short article and compile some approved, trustworthy and reliable vendors.
If the love doll’s seller you’re considering is not listed here, scroll beneath the table. There I will explain how you can find out whether you can trust a particular seller.


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Where to buy your Sex Doll

If your company is listed here and the information I provide is flawed or if you want your company listed in case it is not yet, contact me here.

Vendor NameVendor URLLocationShipping ToSafe Payment (SSL Certificate)Remark
Real Dollhttps://www.realdoll.com/USAWorldwideYESRecommended
Sexy Real Sex Dollshttps://sexyrealsexdolls.com/USAWorldwideYESRecommended
OVDollhttp://www.ovdoll.com/ China, Japan, USA,UKWorldwideYESRecommended
1AM Dollshttps://iamdollusa.com/USAWorldwideYESRecommended
Sex Doll Paradisehttps://www.sexdollparadise.com/N/AWorldwideYESRecommended
Doll To (Sanhui)https://dollto.com/USAWorldwideYESRecommended
Realistic Love Dollhttps://www.realistic-love-doll.com/Hong Kong/ChinaWorldwideYESRecommended
My Silicone Love Dollhttps://www.mysiliconelovedoll.com/N/AWorldwideYESRecommended
Doll Sweethttps://www.dsdoll.us/USAN/AYES
Beautiful Dollshttp://www.beautiful-dolls.com/N/AWorldwideNO
Dolls Castlehttp://www.dolls-castle.us/ChinaEU,USA,CA,
Japanese Love Toyshttps://www.japaneselovetoys.com.au/AUSWorldwideYES
Lovedoll UKhttps://lovedoll.co.uk/UKUKNO
Mon Amour Toujourshttps://monamourtoujours.com/USAUSAYES
Passion Dollshttps://www.passiondolls.com/USAWorldwideYES
Real Love Sex Dollshttps://reallovesexdolls.com/ChinaWorldwideYES
Play Dollhttps://www.play-doll.com/USAWorldwideYES
Seductive Midnight Candy Shophttps://www.seductive
Silicone Sex Worldhttps://www.siliconesexworld.com/UKWorldwideYES
Sublime Dollhttps://www.sublimedoll.com/FRWorldwideYES
Toy Orgasmichttps://www.toyorgasmic.com/SingaporeWorldwideYES

Where not to buy your Sex Doll

Since knowing where to buy your sex doll is not always as easy as looking at my table, here are some tips for you. This should help you decide whether a love doll merchant is trustworthy or not, in case they weren’t listed in my table.

1. Check out their website

  • Does the website look legit in general?

Sometimes websites look really shitty due to lack of design work. I would generally stay away from those websites because it shows that they don’t care much about their internet presence.

  • Are there sections like the ones you see on well-known websites? E.g. ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’ etc.

Look at any big or small company that you know to be legit. If they have a website, they have these features because it makes their customers trust them more. If your vendor doesn’t have them, they are much less likely to be genuine.

  • Are there Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies?

Same thing here. Websites that sell anything, collect data or have adult content generally need to have some form of these two. Without them they wouldn’t be officially allowed to sell, collect payment information and email addresses, use cookies etc.

You don’t want to buy something as expensive as a love doll from someone who is breaking the law, right?

Stay away from websites that lack these pages or if they have them, are extremely basic or unhelpful. Some scammers might make the effort to set this up, but it is unlikely.

  • Is there an SSL certificate? (https)

Next, check if they have an SSL-Certificate. This is the green lock that you see on the left, next to the URL. The URL should look like this:


not ‘http://www.xyz.com/’.

Also make sure that the green lock and the ‘https‘ are always visible together. If one of them is missing, the SSL certificate was not installed properly and your data is not as safe as it is with it.

However, this might not be the most important point. It just shows how dedicated a company/scammer is.

A SSL-Certificate just encrypts the data sent between websites and your browser. If a scammer wants to, they can install this on their website too; it’s just that many won’t make the effort.

  • Is there contact information displayed prominently?

Search for customer service phone numbers and email addresses that contain the companies name after the @ sign.

‘customerservice@sexdollcompany.com’ seems legit.

‘sexdollcompany@gmail.com’ doesn’t.

If you’re unsure about a certain merchant, look for a phone number and…

Just. Call. Them.

Elaborate scams might include burner numbers etc. But very few scammers will actually go through the hassle of talking to you over the phone. They prefer emails because it’s easier and faster.

  • How much effort has been put into the site?

This is quite straightforward.

You should check out whether the website has important information on the products.

With that I mean things like:

  • FAQs
  • Shipping information
  • Sizing charts for the dolls
  • Headquarter/Location of the company
  • Where the dolls are being manufactured
  • Etc.

2. Check out the merchant’s social media

Social media is big. Everyone including reputable sex doll sellers use social media to connect with their audiences. They just can’t post openly about their products on every platform.
And yet, many known sellers have a great social media presence.

Look at RealDoll’s Instagram.

  • They post every day.

Frequency is key to show up in Instagram, get followers, and stay relevant.

  • They have unique content.

Not just random sex doll pictures from a google search.

  • Their engagement rate is realistic while having a high follower count.

Meaning their comment or like count isn’t inflated and their follower count makes this plausible.

3. Are they TDF (TheDollForum) approved?

Many of the known and reputable sex doll sellers are TheDollForum approved.

If you don’t know what that means, let me introduce you to  TheDollForum.

This forum has been around since 2001 and is the biggest community for fuck mannequins as far as I know. Quite a few vendors have been approved on there, based on community and industry feedback.

Many vendors on there have been around for a while and won’t be out to scam you so you can’t really go wrong with TDF approved sellers.

See the list here

Luckily they have a blacklist too in case you wanna check for a specific vendor, but you need to be registered to see it.

Wrapping it up

To make it short: Don’t just go through with any cheap love doll merchant you can find. Check their websites, social media and TheDollForum to find out if your particular retailer is legit.

Make an effort to find out if a seller is worthy of your money because we all want a doll that lasts. You can also ask in TheDollForum if anybody has experience with a particular company.

Furthermore, the techniques I mention to find out if a merchant is legit don’t always suffice. They only point you towards red flags. Even the known sellers aren’t perfect if you’re only looking at these techniques as e.g. RealDoll is not TDF approved. And yet, they are one of the best branded and most reputable sex doll sellers out there.

If your gut feeling tells you not to buy from a certain company..

Don’t. Do. It.

Remind yourself that you can’t always be 100% sure and that it is better to be safe than sorry. Going with one of the trusted sellers will make sure that you’ll have a rather good experience.

And if you’re really paranoid about being scammed, pay with PayPal. You can easily issue a chargeback and they side with customers 99% of the time rather than merchants.

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