Worlds Best Sex Dolls 2019 – Buyers Guide On Choosing A Love Doll

Picture of a sex doll sitting on a sofa with her legs crossed. She looks very lifelike and realistic which makes one nearly confuse her with a human

It shouldn’t be hard to find the World’s Best Sex Dolls for your needs in 2018. Sifting through the Internet you will find a lot of them, but how do you know which ones are good and which aren’t? More importantly, which Love Doll is the best for you?

In this Extensive Buyers Guide you’ll find smart advice for choosing the perfect Love Doll. First, you will learn what’s important to know when purchasing one. Then you can search through an ultimate recommendation guide sorted by qualities that are common when searching for a sex doll.

What is a Sex Doll?

Before buying a Sex Doll you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t worry. They’re harmless.
A Sex Doll or also commonly called Love Doll are sex toys that are used for masturbation. To some they are more than that though and can even replace significant others.
They can be extremely similar to the real thing and trump other masturbation aids like fleshlights or torsos. Most of them come as a complete human body including genitals or orifices like the vagina, breasts, anus, mouth or even penis. For hygiene purposes these can be detachable to make cleaning up easier.
They are made out of synthetic materials which make their ‘skin’ feel human-like. Some are made out of rubber or plastic but the new and higher quality industry standard is either TPE or silicone.
On the inside of the doll, you’ll find a metal or PVC skeleton with artificial joints. This helps keeping them in position in- and outside of sexual acts but also gives them the ability to be moved like a real person.

Why buy a Sex Doll?

There are a lot of reasons why one might want to buy or use these delightful puppets. Here are a few of them:
  • Loneliness
  • Easy sex whenever one wants to
  • Recent break-up and not ready to date yet
  • No time for a real relationship
  • Fantasies can be fulfilled that might not be possible in real life
  • You can have several ones and collect them
  • It’s safer than prostitutes or hook-ups (think of the STDs)
  • It’s cheaper long term than a real relationship or hookers
Of course there can be many more reasons why one wants to buy a sex doll, these are mere examples.
Whatever makes you consider getting a love doll is a valid reason. You should be confident to make this choice as there are a lot of men and women wanting to buy one. This industry is rapidly growing and who knows?
Maybe in a couple years, having a love doll or even a sex robot will be much more common.

What kind of Sex Dolls exist?

Now this is where it gets interesting.
Generally, our beloved fuck mannequins will differ in certain key qualities. It is important to understand though that these can go hand in hand with each other. A life-sized sex doll may cost more than a small one. Quality can differ and finer details might be neglected in cheaper dolls or unrealistic in small ones.
Let me explain to you the 4 main qualities to think about when buying a love doll.

1. Which material is better? TPE vs. Silicone

This is a highly debated topic in the sex doll community and very subjective. Let me explain how the materials differ and then show you a table including all important key qualities.
TPE stands for ‘Thermoplastic Elastomer’ and is a plastic. They are made by mixing plastics that
  • harden when cooled and soften when heated (thermoplastic)
  • display elasticity by nature (elastomeric)
The kinds of plastic used are very important because some are better to recreate life-likeness. Quality can also be affected by e.g. mixing too many different plastics.
Silicone or Polysiloxanes are chains of the elements silicon and oxygen. It has an incredible amount of use cases in industries as well as everyday life. Sex Toys have been made from silicone for years and the industry favors it a lot.
Plus, it comes with amazing qualities like waterproofness, heat resistance, life-likeness, durability, cleanability etc.

Comparison table of qualities – TPE vs Silicone

CostMore ExpensiveCheaper
DurabilityExcellentVery Good
Heat Resistance
(Heating System Compatibility)
Water ResistanceYesDepends on Model
Skin RealismVery GoodExcellent
Genitalia RealismExcellentVery Good
StainingLess Prone toMore Prone to
Likeliness of AllergiesHypoallergenic (Unlikely)Hypoallergenic (Unlikely)
My personal opinion on this matter is that Silicone > TPE. But if a TPE Doll just seems or feels better for you, by all means, GO FOR IT! We are all part of the same community if you’re into these lovely honeys and this debate shouldn’t divide us.

2. Size and Height (e.g. 140cm vs. human-sized)

First, you should consider that smaller dolls are generally cheaper than tall ones. This is because a big doll has more material cost.
Secondly, think about what size will best fulfill your fantasies.
This is important because sex dolls are meant for sex and masturbation unlike humans. Get one of these honeys that fits the height of your dream wife. You’re fulfilling a fantasy after all.
Also, imagine the missionary position with your doll real quick. Consider that if your doll is small in height, you might not be able to kiss her during the act. It might make other positions harder too. You see that this really plays an important role in choosing your sex doll.
Besides, you shouldn’t forget that storing becomes easier or harder depending on what size your doll is. Hiding the doll in case you’re not living alone or having visitors often can be affected by this.
Increased height also means increased weight most of the time. This can be an issue if you have back injuries and can’t carry heavy objects.

3. Price and Quality

The price and quality of love dolls are very much intertwined.
While cheap sex dolls exist they are often of low quality material like low grade silicone or TPE and might have some flaws. These are best for someone who doesn’t know yet if a sex doll is for them.
Affordable Mid-Range Sex Dolls may be made out of higher grade silicone or also TPE. These are great if you want something made out of higher quality and closer to the real deal.
But, both entry-level and mid-range dolls are more prone to scratching, watermarks, drying out, broken joints, leaking oil etc.
They also don’t age very well. You’ll end up having to buy a new one sooner rather than later.
More expensive sex dolls are generally the most realistic. Most of the time they consist of medical grade silicone plus platinum cured surfaces to avoid leaking.
Advantages are more durability than other dolls, which means they can live through more wear and tear. The skeleton is made out of better material and will keep the joints movable for a longer time. These dolls can even stand on their own and will stay in positions you put them into. 
Overall they’ll age much better and you probably won’t have to buy a new one for 3-5 years.

4. Physical Features

This is of course one of the most important qualities of our beloved sex dolls.
Imagine your dream woman or man. Think of the hair you want them to have. Think of the eyes, how tall they are, their weight, size of their butt and their breasts…
Let me tell you: There is probably a doll very close to what you’re thinking of. The companies who are selling realistic sex dolls are doing an amazing job creating dolls of all kinds. And if they don’t have your dream wife or spouse in their catalog yet, don’t worry.
Most of the vendors will gladly take your order and create a custom doll just for you or tweak something for you on a model that they already sell.

You can find the most desired physical features when you scroll further down and read the ‘
Worlds Best Sex Dolls 2018′ section.

Where can I buy the best Sex Dolls?

Searching through the Internet, one can find quite a few vendors for realistic, life-like or even fetish sex dolls. But when you finally commit to getting one, what are the best brands or marketplaces to buy? And which ones should be avoided?

Where not to buy Sex Dolls

I’m starting with this to let you know that there are places where you shouldn’t look for safe and durable sex dolls. These online marketplaces will most likely not bring you a love doll that is worth your money.
  • Alibaba/ Aliexpress
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
Now, some of you might wonder why I am ostracizing these marketplaces. After all, you found a cheap, realistic looking sex doll with good reviews on Amazon.
Let me explain.
First of all, these marketplaces are incredibly common for scams. There are so many horror stories on forums about people trying to buy a doll from any of these marketplaces. It is better to just avoid them.
Also, online marketplaces like Amazon do not test the products that are being sold and creating a listing on Amazon is very easy.
Thus, anybody can find a wholeseller from China and list their dolls on Amazon.
The problem?
Lack of quality due to lack of regulation. Safety hazards due to unregulated materials being used to save money by the manufacturer etc.
Trust me, you won’t be very happy when your Sex Doll breaks after a few weeks. It’s not worth it to save some money with a product like that. You want it to last for a while, right? 
Of course there are exceptions.
And some cheap Chinese sex dolls may even be O.K. because some reputable brands may also sell on Amazon. This is generally not the case though since official vendors prefer to use their own website to sell. 
I’d advise to just go with one of the known, reliable and reputable vendors.

Click here to find reputable vendors and learn where and where not to buy your sex doll.

Worlds Best Sex Dolls 2018

Anyway here are the most desired categories of sex dolls sorted in alphabetical order. You can click on the pictures and it will lead you to the product page.

My recommendations will include both TPE and Silicone and all price ranges so you can have a look how much bang for your buck you can get.

Make sure to check out the comparison table at every section’s end.
This post contains Affiliate Links. If you don’t know what this means please refer to my Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

Best Asian Sex Dolls

1. Sai 1.0

Sai is uniquely beautiful. If you have money to spend she’s probably the best option you can find. Definitely one of the priciest ones in this guide. But that’s what you pay for someone this realistic. 

Sorry, I couldn’t include a picture here. Will be updated asap.

Click for Price

2. Bridgette

Picture of Bridgette by She is lower priced but fairly high quality still. The picture is rather risque, barely covering her lady parts.

Bridgette knows that she’s teasing us..

3. Unnamed

Pictured is an unnamed asian sex doll from She is posing and showing off her breasts which are blurred out.

What I would do to her..

4. Mariah

Picture of Mariah from Depicts the doll wearing a necklace and a white shirt that shows a lot of skin. It reminds of a real selfie of an asian girl.

I am totally crushing on her..

5. Becky

Becky can be bought at and is a great asian love doll. The picture shows her in white underwear sitting on a bed, lifting one of her legs to give us a nice view.

Great realistic looking body. I would love to get in bed with her..


Sia$6.600SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best Sex Dolls with Big Breasts

1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is by far the most realistic while having huge breasts. Very sexy and definetly recommended.

Sorry, I couldn’t include a picture here. Will be updated asap.

2. Leslie

Sex Doll Leslie depicted in a seducing manner wearing leopard top with her breasts so big that they had to be blurred out

Big breasts? Gotcha.

3. Lori

Lori is showing off her boobs in a revealing bra.

These are huge!!

4. Tasha

Tasha is a russian looking sex doll with black hair wearing an olive top and pants combo. Her top shows a lot of cleavage

Very revealing…

5. Adriana

Adriana is a caucasian sex doll with huge breasts, wearing a nice necklace hanging into her cleavage.

Holy, what a cleavage!


Brooklyn$6.650SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best Black Sex Dolls

1. Destiny

Destiny is a black love doll wearing a bright pink bikini that isn't covering up very much. She is wearing earrings dangling from her earlobes and has short black hair.

I love chocolate.

2. Unnamed

Unnamed black love doll that is depicted working out in a rose top and a dark blue towel over her shoulders. She has nice eyebrows, big lips and breasts.

I’d love to make her sweat like that..

3. Unnamed

Another unnamed black love doll. She is wearing tight white underpants and a revealing blue top which are showing rather small but nice breasts.

I’d love to carry her to bed!

4. Bunny

Bunny is her name and she is glancing at you with a seducing glance. Rather smaller tits but a loose bra and a necklace in between the breasts. Long hair make her look great.

The look she has on her face when she sees your dick..

5. Celia

Beautiful black fuck mannequin wearing a neon yellow bikini which really shows off her lady parts. Shoulder long curly hair makes her so good looking.

Imagine seeing her like this at the beach.. Instant boner



Best Caucasian Sex Dolls

1. Renee

Renee is extremely realistic. Humanlike. Just imagine having her next to you. Totally worth it.

Sorry, I couldn’t include a picture here. Will be updated asap.

2. Laila

Laila is one of the most high quality dolls there is. Produced by out of the best silicone there is. She wears turquoise underwear, blond hair and a white cardigan. Sitting on a bed. But don't worry she is customizable if you'd like to change her appearance.

She is ready to get into bed with you! Credit:

3. Margo 

Margo is a great sex doll, here depicted in nature with a flower crown. She has blonde hair and wears a white bra.

Margo looks like a queen with her flower crown..

Click for Price

4. Unnamed

An unnamed sex doll that is caucasian and has dyed grey hair but looks awesome with it. She wears a white lace top which are barely covering her breasts.

Her hair and her breasts make her so beautiful..

5. Tiffany 

Tiffany is an extremely good looking blonde sex doll. She is depicted with black, revealing underwear.

Tiffany is wearing lovely underwear isn’t she?

6. Javara

Javara is sitting on the floor showing off her breasts and nipples that are covered by her grey bra and looks right at the reader in a seducing way

I’d love to watch Javara doing her exercise in this outfit

7. Carrie

Carries breasts are barely covered. Not that that's a bad thing. She is a lovely sex doll

Carrie has some amazing breasts which she loves to show off..

8. Mari 

Mari is a small lovely japanese made sex doll that has very caucasian looks. She might be small but is extremely popular. Here she is wearing pink stockings, a skirt and a bra that shows so much it had to be blurred.

Mari is ready for you..


Renee$6.300SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike
Laila$6.150SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best Flat-Chested Sex Dolls

1. Kaori

Kaori is beautiful and her small breasts top it off if you're into that. She is wearing an incredibly revealing blue dress that is nearly completely seetrough

Kaori is the best if you’re into petite women and small breasts Credit:

2. Unnamed

Unnamed doll but very realistic and flat-chested. She is wearing a pink dress here and her long brown hair just makes her look like a real woman

You don’t know her name but you sure as hell won’t forget her after one night

3. Celeste

Celeste is a small breasted shy sex doll. She covers herself up with a big pillow.

Celeste is shy but if you get to know her she is wild

4. Rosalyn

Rosalyn is sitting on a sofa just waiting for you to get her. Wearing only undies and a short top covering her small tits.

Rosalyn wants you

5. Unnamed

A girl has no name but she can still make you go crazy with these looks. She likes to show off so her breasts had to be blurred.

Just because she has small breasts doesn’t mean she won’t be crazy in bed 

6. Anna

Anna is a small flat chested fuck mannequin on the cheaper side. Blonde hair and a classic black top. She likes to play music when she is not servicing you.

Anna won’t ever make you feel bad


Kaori$7.024SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best Hispanic Sex Dolls

1. Stephanie

Stephanie is a high tempered latino woman. She also really likes showing off in her white lace dress. She didn't wear anything under it so I had to blur her huge breasts

Oh wow! She’s a beauty isn’t she? Credit:

2. Catalina

Catalina is a stereotypical latina. Likes to dance and always shows off. She is there for you when you need her and will do anything you want her to do. Thankfully so with those huge breasts.

Catalina would like to go dance with you. In your bed.

3. Gemma

You will love Gemma because she does anything you want her to do. Thats what she was made for. Gemma loves to be naked with you

She likes showing off so much, I couldn’t even find a picture of her dressed

4. Carmen

Carmen won't disappoint you. Ever. She has a huge butt and nice breasts which she barely wants to cover up.

Carmen likes to lie on her stomach a lot..

5. Lexi

Lexi is an amazing hispanic sex doll. Here she doesn't even have her shirt on because she wants you so much.

Lexi likes to take her clothes off for you..


Stephanie$6.524SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best MILF Sex Dolls

1. Carmen

Carmen is so realistic you could confuse her with your dream MILF. did a good job with her

Carmen is clearly the most realistic MILF here. Jesus she’s hot.. Credit:

2. Marci

Marci is a busty MILF love doll that is depicted here sitting on a chair nakedly. The photo shows her right after production

Marci the busty MILF straight outta the factory..

3. Unnamed

Unnamed MILF sex doll is depicted here. Showing off her big boobs in a small bikini which barely covers her nipples

MILFs with huge breasts are the best..

4. Unnamed

Madame MILF is posing here with a top that shows her tits through it. Lovely sex doll though

You can give this MILF with huge breasts her name. She’d love to service you

5. Farah

Farah is posing in a small bikini that is barely covering anything in front of a pink background.

Farah is the ultimate MILF.
Curvy as hell and perfect breasts.

6. Haley

Haley is a MILF sex doll by She is wearing a black lace top and is depicted using a smartphone and wearing long brown hair.

Haley is one of my favorite MILF dolls. Imagine having her sit on your couch like this.. I wouldn’t be able to resist


Carmen$6.150SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike

Best Mini Sex Dolls

1. Betty

Only 140cm but there is still a lot to love about Betty. Her nice tits, her curly brown hair. Overall just a great fuck mannequin

What a great Mini Doll with these big tits..

2. Bebe

Bebe is laying in her bed right now waiting for you. She's just wearing her white underwear which will take less than a second to take off..

Bebe is just waiting for you!

3. Melly

Melly is a mini doll but that doesn't change how sexy she looks only wearing her red, revealing bra.

She may be small but fierce as hell.

4. Tsiyuki

Tsiyuki is a mini silicone doll and while not very lifelike she can be a great partner if you need it.

Shhh! She wants you to hold her mouth so she can’t moan loudly..



Best Realistic Sex Dolls

1. Elena

Elena is one of the most lifelike sex dolls out there. She will blow your mind if you see her in real life.

Elena loves to pose for you Credit:

2. Laila (Classic)

Laila (Classic) is posing on this picture laying on her stomach with her legs up in the air.

Laila looks amazing here, doesn’t she? Credit:

3. Blake

Blake is an athletically built, lifelike sex doll made out of TPE that will blow your mind. Crazy how realistic she looks.

I would love to ‘work out’ with Blake…

4. Scarlett

Scarlet is an incredibly realistic fuck mannequin and will definitely roleplay with you.

Wonder if she has been a bad girl…

5. Avril

Avril is an asian love doll and while small, extremely realistic. Hard to tell the difference from a human. She is definitely one of the worlds best sex dolls with this price

Avril is proof that you can get a realistic sex doll for little money..


Elena$6.150SiliconeVery High5'3''3Lifelike
Laila (Classic)$4.000SiliconeVery High5'1''3Lifelike

Wrapping it up

So before you go and buy a love doll you should definitely ask yourself a few questions.

What material will you like more? How much money can you spend? How long do you want your doll to last? Do you want a lifelike love doll or a mini fetish fuck doll? What do you consider to be the best sex dolls FOR YOU?

After that you can go and search for dolls you like. I’d recommend you take into account which dolls I wrote about here and also check my reputable vendor list.

If you don’t like any of the dolls that I recommended or the ones that trustworthy vendors are selling, don’t forget that you can buy custom dolls. These might be much pricier but it’s probably worth it. With most dolls and merchants you can customize small details of the doll anyway when buying. Just look out for customization options.

I hope you enjoyed my buyers guide for the best sex dolls and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below or send me an email here.

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